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Welcome to Material Science 2017

Materials Science is an acclaimed scientific discipline influencing human life and bettering the living standards of people. Without the use of materials, the life would just come to a standstill. Without Material Science there is no development on technological front that touch and influence human lives.

Scientific Tree takes immense pleasure in welcoming all the delegates and participants including material scientists, material engineers, material manufacturers, material suppliers, material designers, material research scholars, material students, material professors, metallurgists, bio-material scientists to the International Conference on Material Science being held in Rome Italy from October 18-20 , 2017. This international conference on Material Science provides platform to discuss about the state of affairs in Material Science. The Conference on Material Science lay stress on understanding how the materials, its structure, its properties and its performance influences the human life and in what way and to what extent.

Material Science has integrated human life so much so that survival of human beings without the use of materials has become impossible. Material Science is an important scientific discipline and has been expanding wider and wider what with metals, metal alloys, semiconductors, silicon, ceramics, polymers, plastics, glass, graphene, biomaterials, nanomaterials, metamaterials and so on integrating the human life. All material products from airplanes to rockets, musical instruments to the tiny pin, medical devices to artificial tissues, computer chips to data storage devices, alternative energy sources to eco-friendly manufacturing processes and many more are made from materials.   Can we survive without these materials? The answer is a Big NO.  

The discovery, design, innovation, and engineering in Material Science has opened the floodgates for newer materials to enhance the living standards of people across the world. Even other fields of science is suffering from consequences of facing constrictions due to the limitations in Material Science. What we need today is, the major breakthroughs in the field of Material Science to raise the bar in other scientific fields which preside over the destinies of people across the globe. Even the commercial value of Material Science is phenomenally rising across the globe.

Why to Attend?

International Conference on Material Science is being held in Rome Italy on 18-20 , 2017 is a forum

  • To explore, study, understand, discuss and share knowledge on types of materials such as semiconductors, silicon, ceramics, polymers, plastics, glass, graphene, biomaterials, nanomaterials, metamaterials etc. And the role of these materials in our lives and how it is raising the living standards of people.
  • Discussions and debates on technological advancements in Material Science specifically in material products such as medical devices, artificial tissues, computer chips, data storage devices etc takes place with exciting brain storming sessions.
  • How technological advancements in Material Sciences such as graphene, biomaterials, nanomaterials, metamaterials are shaping the future of human life on this planet. The extent of its influence, its impact, benefits and disadvantages. 
  • And by participating in this Conference, participants have an advantage of meeting renowned speakers of international stature, and by discussing, debating, networking, and sharing, participants shall benefit a lot by gaining insights into their respective profession falling under Material Science.



This international conference on Material Science provides wonderful opportunities to all the participants to share their knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in their respective specialisations in the field of Material Science industries through networking and interacting.


  • You will gain a lot by attending this Conference as this is going to be a livewire event with lively debates, discussions, workshops, brain storming sessions, sharing knowledge & experience, keynote addresses by renowned speakers, sharing research findings, power point presentations, poster and video presentations.
  • You will learn what technological advancements were made in the specific field of material science.
  • You will learn how those technological advances influence your profession, your personal life and your life in society in general.
  • As it is said "Information is Power"; being equipped with information in your service sector makes you more knowledgeable, more skilled and well-informed; and puts you one notch above your peers in your career-life



Thus Scientific Tree believes and advices all the people whose professional careers are laced with Materials, Material Products, and Material Sciences to attend this Conference on Material Science being held in Rome Italy on 18-20, 2017. And gain a lot.  


  • Material Science and Engineering
  • Nanotechnology and Material Science
  • Energy Materials
  • Mining and Metallurgy
  • Surface Science and Engineering
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